AoSMortrach-June13-LadyOlynder1ehLa baffe du jour est signée Games Workshop pour Age of Sigmar. avec le dernier Mortarch en date du sinistre Nagash : Lady Olynder, Mortarch of Grief.

Nagash is a being of exceptional power, but cannot be everywhere at once, and apportions his vast energies between the Mortarchs. Olynder is the most recently chosen of these dark lieutenants, gathering the previously disparate forces of the Nighthaunt into a terrifying spectral legion who fight at the spear tip of Nagash’s latest assault on the Mortal Realms.
In life, Olynder was a plotter and schemer who showed false remorse to improve her standing – now, in death, she is the possessor of a misery so deep and black it projects from her in vast, deadly waves. For most, to face her in battle is to lose hope and accept the inevitability of death – while those few with the will to stand before her are quickly obliterated by her deathly magics, or torn apart by spectral attendants.

AoSMortrach-June13-LadyOlynder1eh2La figurine est belle en soi mais j'ai surtout été très impressionné par le drapé sur le crâne de la dame ! Oo

Heureusement que je n'ai pas les moyens (les prix Games Workshop sont ce qu'ils sont et celui de cette figurine va certainement être très impressionnant) et le temps de jouer à ce jeu sinon je craquerais immédiatement pour cette nouvelle faction de la Mort et ses hordes de spectres...